Since the year 2000, the Berlin based artist Andreas Bromba has been producing “sculp- tures” entitled “GERMAN INDUSTRY ROMANCE” – a comprehensive, self-contained con- cept with multiple levels. In addition to his extensive photographic work, these objects and installations are the focus of his artistic work.

Materials such as screws, construction and packaging materials, glass, sponges and various metal objects – partly made possible by an extensive material sponsoring by the Art Foundation Würth – combines Andreas Bromba to minimalist installations and objects. These have been placed in a new “neo-sacral” context and reflect in a geometric, re- duced formal language how our aesthetic sensibilities are influenced by the technologi- sation and digitization of our immediate environment.

The staging of overpowering industry in relation to today’s man requires a redefinition of romanticism, which succeeds when today’s human being – especially with the back- ground of “German romanticism” – completely shatters the old ideas and embarks on the venture of a new romanticism: trees and branches become metal beams, leaves heavy iron screws, ruined church turn to neo-sacral installations with 21st century materi- als.